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Dancers are seeing the difference and making the trip to Greensboro

Why Travel to Greensboro?

The Big City Argument:

If you live in one of the big cities, like NYC or Washington DC, a trip to Greensboro might be a better investment and something uniquely special. Some top-tier photographers charge over $3500 for a full-day session. Since we have much lower overhead (we own the studio and live in a less expensive part of the country), we don’t have to charge as much. With non-stop flights from most hub cities, you can fly directly to North Carolina and stay for a vacation weekend and still have some money left over.

The Smaller City Argument:

Is there a photographer in your area who entirely focuses on dance photography, and can help you get the shot you want? Can they coach you? Whether you are planning on making a career out of dance or not, you deserve an uplifting photography experience, allowing your artistry and opinion to shine through, and resulting in photographs that are uniquely you. Either way, a trip to Greensboro should be on your list of must-do dance activities.

Dancers are coming from…