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Our Service Area

I don’t particularly like the term service area. It is too confining. While it is definitely easier for a dancer from Greensboro to come to the studio, we have had dancers from as far away as Virginia Beach, VA, and Charleston, SC, come to the studio. In one case, it was a long day trip, and in the other, it was an overnight trip. My service area is the dance community. That can be here in Greensboro, a drive down the highway from Cary, NC, or a short plane flight from New York City.

Dancers from across the mid-Atlantic are finding that a trip to Greensboro is a valuable part of their dance journey.

Let’s add a pin for your studio…

Why Travel to Greensboro?

You wouldn’t choose your Summer Intensive based solely on it being down the street from your house, right? Then, you shouldn’t choose a photographer because they are super close. In some cases, your best choice is nearby. Sometimes, you need to travel a little bit to get the attention and quality you deserve. Why make the trip to Greensboro?

  1. You want to create photographs that showcase your artistry and personality.
  2. You want an artistic partner who knows how to get your best technique translated into the photo.
  3. You want a creative space where you are supported and encouraged.
  4. You want an award-winning master photographer who can craft the images of your dreams.
  5. You want to have fun!

Planning a Trip to Greensboro

I’ve started pulling together information on how to get to Greensboro, places to stay, some of my favorite places to eat, and things to do in Greensboro and North Carolina.

Dancers are coming from…