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Driving to the Studio

Note that there is no business signage on the street. We are in a residential area of Greensboro, so we keep things low-key. Two houses were built on the property, and we expanded the second one to be the studio.

Apple Maps is not routing to the right address. It will route you to 1008 instead of 1010 Westridge.

Some Helpful Video Information

Since navigation can be a little flakey from time to time, here are videos showing the last 1/4-mile of approach to the studio from each direction. I suggest watching them, especially if you use Apple Maps (since it will route you to the wrong place).

Best Navigation Options:

Google Maps Link to Andrew Bowen Studios

Waze Link to Andrew Bowen Studios

We are currently experiencing navigation issues with Apple Maps:

Sadly, not all technology is surefire. Currently, we are having a minor issue with Apple Maps. The Apple system is routing you to 1008 instead of 1010 Westridge. It is a small error; you just need to be on the lookout for the beige mailbox with 1010 on it and ignore the last 500 feet of directions.

When You Arrive

There is plentiful parking here at the bottom of the driveway. There is room for at least 3 additional cars beyond my own. Feel free to use the stone turnout or the paved turnout at the top of the driveway as well.