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Dance Photography.


Dance Photography.


Dance Photography for
Raleigh Creatives

Why do artists from Raleigh come to Andrew Bowen Studios for their Dance Photography?

I believe that creating dance photos can and should be an experience that builds confidence and helps the dancer grow as an artist. At my studio, we focus on you as a unique artist. You will receive the respect, support, time, and attention necessary to nurture your artistic expression while creating images that represent your technical best and personal aesthetic.

Whether you want exceptional creative dance photos, a headshot that gets you noticed, an audition portfolio that opens doors, beautiful senior photos, or any combination of these, we’ve got you covered. This is so much more than just a photoshoot.

This is your Creative Dance Retreat.

Why Raleigh Dancers Work with Andrew.

“Andrew is an amazing person to work with. He is patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic and will always put your needs first. He makes the creative process a fun, non-stressful experience, and his work is beautiful.” -Aimee

Black Contemporary Dancer in high attitude devant turned in all in black with white jacket.

Dancers from Cary Ballet, Gary Taylor Dance, and CC & Co. Dance Complex.

Respect. Support. Time. Dedication.

Creating a meaningful image is about respecting and nurturing the dancer’s artistic voice, supporting them through their creative process, having time to make adjustments and explore variations, and having a photographer dedicated to your success who can light the scene, get the shot, and will always believe in you.

Contemporary Dancer in a coup de pied jump looking down as if floating.

Dancers from North Carolina Dance Institute and Raleigh School of Ballet.

In a Mother’s Words…

“Your photo studio is a safe place to create art without judgment. You really do produce so much more than the photographs seen online. We are grateful you are part of my dancer’s journey. When I see those photos… I can feel her heart. You have a gift for capturing her essence.” -DanceMom

Dancers from Ballet Arts and the School of Carolina Ballet.