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Ballerina with swirling yellow skirt and dramatic lighting




The Creative Sanctuary for Movement Artists

Andrew Bowen Studios

A Professional Dancer-Centric Photography Studio

Realize your creative vision for scroll-stopping dance photography, portfolio images that get you noticed, audition photos that accentuate your best lines, and headshots that command attention.

Show the world the artist you have become and give them a glimpse of the artist you are becoming.

Located in Greensboro
North Carolina.


The Creative Dance Retreat is so much more than a photoshoot. You are part of a creative dancer-centric partnership that will transform your personal vision of your art into reality.

Be Fearless…

Your authenticity, inspiration, and emotion are the essence that brings a photograph to life. Please experiment with new looks and ideas, knowing that images that don’t measure up to your standards will NEVER be seen by anyone else.

Take Your Time…

Having the time to explore something new, or view it in a different way is integral to the creative dance retreat. I encourage you to try a new idea or two, amaze yourself, and create dance photography that makes you say, “I love it!”

I’ve Got Your Back

We are in this together. I’ll be there with ideas, corrections, and adjustments to help you realize your vision of yourself. I am a certified master photographer trained in dance photography at your disposal to craft images that tell your story, your way.

We never imagined there would be a professional photographer with the skills to make dancers’ visions come to life right here in Greensboro

Noelle B.

“Andrew Bowen is the real deal! We never imagined there would be a professional photographer with the skills to make dancers’ visions come to life right here in Greensboro until we met Andrew. Every step (the pre-planning and exchange of ideas – tour of the studio space – the creative process) were all done with the comfort and input of the dancer as the priority. It all shows in the photographs, and we couldn’t be more happy with the results!” — Noelle B.


“I leave with a sense of confidence about who I am.”
– Chloe


With a whole studio, a pile of props, heaps of skirts and leotards, yards and yards of fabric, mounds of snacks, and a fantastic selection of tutus from the rental closet of Tutu.Com, the possibilities are endless.

I am a firm believer that two artists are more creative when playing off each other than they would be on their own.

In this photo of Charlotte Ballet dancer, Raven Barkley, we mixed a Black Swan tutu from Tutu.com, a set of black wings from the studio, and beautiful lighting to create a unique look.

He is truly an artist who brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to sessions.

Laura R.

“Andrew Bowen is amazing to work with, from his pre-shoot consultations to the beautiful final products. His studio is well-equipped, and he has everything from Gatorade to hairpins… He is a true collaborator who understands dance technique and is committed to creating work that both he and the dancer are proud to share. He is a great photographer, but he is more than that. He is truly an artist who brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to sessions. I’m very thankful my daughter had the opportunity to work with him, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fabulous dance photographer.” — Laura R.

The Official Photographer of Tutu.Com

I became the official photographer for Tutu.Com in 2022, following the retirement of the legendary Gene Schiavone. It is an honor to be selected by Claudia Folts to photograph her costumes and the dancers who bring the costumes to life.

As the official photographer for Tutu.com, Andrew Bowen Studios has complimentary access to a variety of rotating tutus and costumes for your use. Additionally, with advance notification and rental agreement, specific costumes can be shipped directly to our studios in preparation for your photoshoot.

With permission, your photos may be featured on the Tutu.com website, marketing materials, or Instagram feed.

Professional Ballerina in Attitude wearing Lilac Fairy Tutu
Conservatory Ballerina in Blue Bird Tutu
Teen Ballerina in White Swan Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Gold Brocade Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Contemporary Art Deco Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Black and White Ribbon Tutu
Conservatory Ballerina in Blue Polka Dot Tutu
Teen Ballerina in 4th lunge in Don Q Tutu

He has a special way of coaching dancers to bring out their inner best...

Claudia Folts, Owner of Tutu.com

We are so pleased to work with Andrew Bowen! He has a special way of coaching dancers to bring out their inner best, so their grace, beauty and lines jump off the page. And, his studio is top-notch, with the right lighting, props, and settings to create any look you can imagine.” — Claudia Folts, Owner of Tutu.com.

Creative Partner of Oodelooo Balletwear

I learned about Oodelooo when working with a dancer at an NYC photoshoot. I commented that I loved its styling and structure, and she introduced me to Melissa; the rest is history.

As a partner with Oodeloo Ballet Wear, we have an extensive selection of skirts available. Oodeloo has crafted some amazing traditional and avant-garde skirts. If you have a dream skirt, I highly recommend talking with her to create the skirt that will make your dream a reality.

With your permission, photos of her skirts will be used on her website and Instagram.

Bright attitude on pointe with big yellow skirt and purple leotard.

At the end of the day, each artist’s vision has come to full fruition

Melizza DeLorenzo., Owner of Oodeloo

“What I love most about working with Andrew is that his shoots are a TRUE collaboration between the fashion designer, the dancer/model, and the photographer. He creates an environment that is an open space for creativity and non-judgment. At the end of the day, each artist’s vision has come to full fruition, gorgeous images are captured and professional relationships have been formed. 10/10 would recommend Andrew to any dancer looking to capture their artistry.” — Melissa DeLorenzo, Owner of Oodeloo


The Studio

Indoor Studio

The indoor photography studio allows us to fully craft the light anyway we want and provides a clean space to create and keep the focus on your form. With nearly 1000 sqft of shooting space, 12-foot ceilings, and over a dozen light heads, there is little we can’t create in this space. The high ceilings provide ample space for jumps and even some lifts.

Most of my dance clients desire the controlled lighting, soft floors, and endless possibilities afforded by indoor studio photography. The uncluttered backgrounds keep the focus on your shape and the fine control of the lighting allows me to shape the image in fine detail.

Outdoor Studio

I use the phrase “Outdoor Studio Photography” very specifically. Even when shooting outside, we use strobes to accent the light mother nature has provided, when necessary. A similar approach to light is applied outdoors, to best show your form and create the mood you are looking for.

The outdoor photography studio encompasses over two acres. The back acre is wooded with a stage, shack, custom mural by Jesca Jaymes (a local artist), swing, fence, bridge, and custom ironwork. The front acre has lawns, pine straw, brick paths, hardscaping, and plenty of textured spaces. While some dance clients utilize this space for outdoor dance photography, it gets more use with my high school senior photography and some professional headshots.


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