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Ballerina in peach skirt in dynamic passe with golden background lighting

The Studios at
Andrew Bowen Photography

Photography for Dancers and Movement Artists

Greensboro, North Carolina

Welcome to the Studios at Andrew Bowen Photography, a genuinely unique creative space shaped by the needs of dancers and movement artists. The result, the Artistic Dance CollaborativeTM, is my signature experience and guides my approach for senior portraits, audition and headshot photos for dancers and other creatives, and professional headshots for business and personal branding.

Striking. Bold. Timeless.

Collaboration and listening are core values in every step of the process at my studios. We start with a meeting to discuss your dreams and goals and finish with providing you photographic memories for a lifetime.

It is your time to create jaw-dropping dance art, attention-grabbing audition photos & headshots, or time-of-your-life senior photos.  Let’s have some fun!

Artistic Dance CollaborativeTM

This is your craft. This is your soul. Paint masterpieces of light, emotion, and movement that express your unique voice.

My goal is to empower your artistic voice by listening to you, coaching your form, and making your vision a reality! Take a day to flex your artistic muscle and create images that show off your hard work. Whether for portfolio-building or as a creative outlet, an Artistic Dance Collaborate is a one-of-kind photography experience.

Senior Photo Shoots

Dancers and non-dancers alike will experience a magical senior photo shoot. With no other clients vying for my attention on your day, we have time for wardrobe changes, styling changes, and plenty of creativity.

Enjoy a day (or two) creating your senior memories at the indoor studio and beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether pursuing a new path, continuing your dance education, or beginning a professional dance career, your senior photography will be uniquely you.

Audition Photos & Headshots

Show your absolute best! I will work with you, coach you, provide corrections, and get your best in a photograph that others will notice. We don’t stop until we’ve achieved that goal.

Make an impression with powerful, professionally styled images, including a new headshot and a stunning Arabesque that will show off your best lines.

Professional Headshots

An eye-catching headshot is a must not just for dancers but any professional. In a world where we scroll down through our feeds at high speed, you need a headshot that will stop the scroll.

No matter your profession, a great headshot shows you care about your personal brand. My headshots reflect the same attention to detail that permeates my dance photography.