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Get Noticed

Get Noticed

Audition Photos and
Portfolio Development

It is hard to get excited about another round of audition photos and headshots, but they are required every year. Auditions cost valuable time and money; you have a lot invested – whether for a scholarship, summer intensive, or a company.

I am a master photographer focused on the needs of ballet, modern, and contemporary dancers. I will coach you to get your best lines and form translated into an audition photo that commands attention. All the while, we will make your personality, joy, and love for dance shine through.

So, ask yourself if your portfolio is full of images you love. Then, look to see if they show your best dance technique and emotion. If not, let’s fix that.


Headshots are so much more than what you look like. They convey your personality, intention, and style as well. A great headshot commands attention.

I recommend a new headshot every year, especially while you are a teen. Your headshot should always be current and even if you have a recent one, creating different looks is never a bad idea. Having access to different looks enables you to tailor your application to the program.

Audition Arabesque


When creating your required audition photos, we will ensure your best technique is center stage. Every dancer is unique and your best angle isn’t necessarily the same as your friend’s. I will coach you through the process and help you bring out your best for an image that is worthy of all of your hard work!


When building a portfolio, you need to show the many sides of your personality that convey your love of the stage. It doesn’t matter if you are a contemporary dancer, ballet dancer, or modern dancer; we can highlight who you are through your strongest technique.


  • Contemporary female dancer in a straddle jump looking off to the right side with hand flexed inward.