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Winston‑Salem Dance Photography

Andrew Bowen Studios

The Creative Home for Movement Artists

Your home for Winston-Salem Dance Photography is in Greensboro, NC.

It is time to celebrate the artist you’ve become with scroll-stopping creative dance photography, portfolio images that get you noticed, and audition photos that accentuate your best lines. Andrew Bowen Studios is the creative home for movement artists.


Empowering dancers through collaborative artistry.



I respect your artistry and appreciate the vulnerability and trust required to create in front of the camera. You always get the last word on aesthetics and form. My studio is a safe space for you to try something that you’ve always wanted to do. My commitment to you is that only images that you approve of ever leave the studio. If you don’t love it, it is a dead photo. Share your vision, and let’s bring it to life!

Mix it up! Want to do some classical ballet, contemporary dance, and maybe even a little yoga-inspired floor work? Absolutely! My studio is your creative playground.


Dance Photography is what I do. Your dance is not a submenu, a side hustle, or a one-off. Creating photography of your artistry is the whole reason for my studio.

Let’s chat about your dance and how I can make your love and creativity come alive through photography. I believe that every dancer has a unique story to tell that is years and decades in the making. I invite you to come, share your story, and create the photography that celebrates the artist you have become and provides a preview of the artist you are becoming.

UNCSA Contemporary Dancers in vertical jenga stack


Collaboration is the core value that drives the studio. Listening to, respecting, and challenging each other as peers make us both better artists. The resulting dance photography experience nurtures your artistic voice and enhances awareness of your personal creativity in a supportive environment.


Let your creativity flow! I thrive in the realm of “What if?” The lighting is part of that artistic story, and I’ll craft the light to accentuate your form and set the mood that you want to convey. Improvisation is a key dynamic during your photoshoot. We often start with one idea and then change things until we end up at something that truly speaks to your artistry.

Contemporary Dance or Classical Ballet (or both), we can create so much more than a photo… We can create art.


Award-Winning Winston-Salem Dance Photography


“My son had an absolutely wonderful experience at Andrew Bowen Studios. Andrew made sure Liam was comfortable from the get go, even giving him a tour of his studio space on zoom prior to the photoshoot. My son was fully encouraged to lead the shoot in whichever creative direction he choose and as a result he had a blast and really enjoyed himself, so much so that the time flew by far too quickly. Andrew has a unique ability to really capture the inner artist and the photos he took are simply breathtaking. Andrew Bowen Studios is a dancer’s (and a parent’s) dream!!” — Daniel F.

“My daughter did a dance shoot at Andrew Bowen Studios this past weekend. Prior to our meeting, the photographer made sure to communicate and reach out to discuss what we wanted, what to expect, and how he could make our session as productive and perfect as it can be. Ideas of poses were also discussed and shared. The studio is set up to make everyone as comfortable as possible with changing room, sitting area, snacks, and water available. He had already printed out any poses that we had suggested and ready to go. The studio is big and spacious with so many props and costumes to choose from. Once we started the action shots, it was evident that he had the eye for it and snapped the action shot precisely at the perfect timing!!! There was a big tv screen that showed each picture that he took right away for our review. Immediately. It was also obvious that he knows dance technique, terminology, and how to perfect each pose by giving great suggestions/feedback. He is patient, works fast, sets up lighting and changes backdrop, props quickly, and very enjoyable to work with. In less than a week we have all of our pictures edited and completed. I highly recommend Andrew Bowen Studios. You will leave there having had fun and some incredible photographs.” — Parnaz S.

“Andrew Bowen is amazing to work with, from his pre-shoot consultations to the beautiful final products. His studio is well-equipped, and he has everything from Gatorade to hairpins… He is a true collaborator who understands dance technique and is committed to creating work that both he and the dancer are proud to share. He is a great photographer, but he is more than that. He is truly an artist who brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to sessions. I’m very thankful my daughter had the opportunity to work with him, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fabulous dance photographer.” — Laura R.


As a dance photographer based in the Triad region of North Carolina, Andrew Bowen Studios serves dancers across the Mid-Atlantic. My studio is situated on a beautiful 2+ acre property with ample wooded, rustic, and manicured spaces for outdoor dance photography (and senior photos) as well as the newly-expanded indoor studio.

Indoor Studio Photography

The indoor photography studio allows us to fully craft the light anyway we want and provides a clean space to create and keep the focus on your form. With nearly 1000 sqft of shooting space, 12-foot ceilings, and over a dozen light heads, there is little we can’t create in this space. The high ceilings provide ample space for jumps and even some lifts.

Most of my dance clients desire the controlled lighting, soft floors, and endless possibilities afforded by indoor studio photography. The uncluttered backgrounds keep the focus on your shape and the fine control of the lighting allows me to shape the image in fine detail.

Outdoor Studio Photography

I use the phrase “Outdoor Studio Photography” very specifically. Even when shooting outside, we use strobes to accent the light mother nature has provided, when necessary. A similar approach to light is applied outdoors, to best show your form and create the mood you are looking for.

The outdoor photography studio encompasses over two acres. The back acre is wooded with a stage, shack, custom mural by Jesca Jaymes (a local artist), swing, fence, bridge, and custom ironwork. The front acre has lawns, pine straw, brick paths, hardscaping, and plenty of textured spaces. While some dance clients utilize this space for outdoor dance photography, it gets more use with my high school senior photography and some professional headshots.