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Dance Photography for South Carolina Artists

Andrew Bowen Studios

Why are South Carolina artists coming to Greensboro for dance photography?

At Andrew Bowen Studios, I believe that the creation of dance photos can and should be an experience that builds confidence and helps the dancer grow as an artist. Welcome to your Creative Dance Retreat — a creative experience that is fun, safe, and supportive and focuses on each dancer as a unique artist. Every dancer deserves the respect, support, time, and dedication necessary to grow as an artist while creating images that reflect their personal style and their technical best. Andrew Bowen Studios is the studio fully invested in each dancer’s artistic development.

Let’s celebrate the artist you’ve become with scroll-stopping creative dance photography, headshots that get you noticed, and audition photos that open doors.


Ballerina in Sous-Sous in Pink Classical Tutu


Having the time and support to explore your art, try something new, or experiment with variations is the key to bringing a photograph to life. Your time here is a Creative Dance Retreat, not merely a photoshoot. Bring it all; bring your ideas, bring your dreams. We are going to have fun and create something uniquely you.


I respect your artistry and appreciate the vulnerability and trust required to create in front of the camera. You always have full veto power on any image; if you don’t love it, no one will ever see it.

My studio is a safe space for you to try something that you’ve always wanted to do. Share your vision, and let’s bring it to life!

Mix it up! Want to do some classical ballet, contemporary dance, and maybe even a little yoga-inspired floor work? Absolutely! My studio is your creative playground.


Let your creativity flow! Art thrives in the realm of “What if?” Improvisation is a key dynamic during your photoshoot. You have a master photographer and a well-stocked studio at your disposal; it only takes a moment to test out an idea. We often start with one idea and then change things until we end up with something that truly speaks to your artistry.

Dancers from South Carolina and Beyond Talk About Creating Dance Photography with Andrew

And now a word from our clients…

“I leave with a sense of confidence about who I am.”
– Chloe

“I feel that I am a better dancer.”

“Andrew made my daughter feel comfortable and empowered every step of the way.”

“When I look at that photo, it reminds me why I dance.”

He worked with my dancer on her thoughts and the creative process she wanted. The photos are absolutely gorgeous!.”
– Emily

“Andrew made me feel empowered.”

“He listened to what my daughter wanted and then adjusted to achieve what she was looking for.”

He understands dance technique and is committed to creating work that both he and the dancer are proud to share.”

“He understands where we’re coming from as dancers.”

“I appreciate your direct and honest feedback – it was needed to get the caliber of photos you captured..”

“He really collaborated with her and captured truly inspired images that reflected her personality.”

” We left feeling positive and confident about the future.”

The shoot was completely focused on her and Andrew worked with her to create the outcome that she wanted as a dancer..”
– Jameka

“The way you treated my dancer showed compassion, knowledge and understanding.”

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Contemporary Ballet Photography stylings in an Esmerelda Midnight Tutu from Tutu.Com. Sassy post and fierce look with a mane of red hair.
UNCSA HS Student in an Esmerelda Midnight Tutu from Tutu.Com. Sassy post and fierce look with a mane of red hair.
Gracefully beautify classical ballet photography all in white against a light grey background.
Graceful classical ballet photo of Karina Z. of Triad International Ballet
Contemporary Dance Photography stylings in pointe shoes using a sock made of stretch mesh fabric.Contemporary Dance Photography stylings in pointe shoes using a sock made of stretch mesh fabric.Contemporary Dance Photography stylings in pointe shoes using a sock made of stretch mesh fabric.
Contemporary Dance Photography stylings in pointe shoes by Petyon Lily of Columbia City Ballet.
Powerful jump in in black on black with Amaya of UNCSA Contemporary Dance.
Contemporary dance photo of dancers rising up on back of feet in a suplicative pose.
Contemporary dance photo of UNCSA dancer.
Contemporary female dancer in a straddle jump looking off to the right side with hand flexed inward.