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Artistic Photography for Dancers

The Artistic Dance CollaborativeTM

Artistic Photography doesn’t just happen by accident. We set the stage, you mark the scene, I adjust the lighting, and then we finesse the shot until your vision is a reality. Your technique and emotion will come through in every image we create. This is your artistic retreat, your time to explore the nuances of the movement, lines, and shapes that tell your unique story.

We are both artists, and I love to start each session listening to your ideas, brainstorming approaches we might consider, and cultivating fresh perspectives on movement. Focusing on dance photography has honed my skills in coaching your form, sculpting the lighting, finessing the shooting angles, and helping you to feel fully in the moment. Your love of dance shines through in the resulting photographs.

“I feel like I grow as a dancer…”
– Calista



We provide ample time to explore new ideas and try variations, resulting in images that are uniquely you. I want you to feel free to experiment a bit because when you do, you’ll grow as an artist and it will show in the photos.

You are the lead Artistic Director during your Retreat. I have your back the whole way through. If you don’t love something about the lighting, how your position looks, or something is just off, speak up and I’ll work with you to get it the way you envision!

You have full veto power, and only the images you approve will be shown.

“I have so much strength and confidence…”
– Michela


No two collaborations are ever the same. Each of us is uniquely an artist because of all of our experiences that came before. Therefore, our combined energies are unique for your day. So, come with your ideas, wardrobe, props, and sense of adventure; together, we will create the unexpected. Dream, and I’ll do my best to make it a reality.

And when you return, we will each have evolved further, and we will experience your artistry anew.


My goal for you is to strive for your best artistry and succeed spectacularly.