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Black Swan Ballerina in seated pose and black wings





Creative Photography for Dancers

The Creative Dance Retreat

Imagine a supportive and safe space where photography is used as a creative medium for dancers to explore their artistry through light, texture, and shape.

You are the primary artist at the Creative Dance Retreat. Your time here is about your art and telling your story your way. Collaborative dialog, artistic vision, mutual respect, technical ability, and fun combine to create an exceptional experience and exceptional results.

Welcome to an experience that is so much more than just a photoshoot.


The Creative Dance Retreat is so much more than a photoshoot. You are part of a creative dancer-centric partnership that will redefine your expectations for dance photography.

Dancer Kenzie Landis in “Power Lines”, an Image Excellence Photograph at International Photographic Competition; and Photo of the Year with Professional Photographers of North Carolina.

Be Fearless…

Your authenticity, inspiration, and emotion are the essence that brings a photograph to life. Experiment with new looks and ideas, knowing that images that don’t meet your artistic standards will NEVER be seen by anyone else.

Creative Partnership…

We are in this together. I am a certified master photographer trained in dance photography. I’ll be there with ideas, corrections, and adjustments to help you realize your artistic vision. Together, we will make it real.

Creating the image is about understanding the movement, and timing the shot to get the moment. Thank you to Billy Hawkins for this amazing moment.

Take Your Time…

Time is a key aspect of the Creative Dance Retreat. Most retreats are either half-day or full-day experiences.

Having the time to explore something new, or view it differently is integral to creativity.

I encourage you to try a new idea or two, amaze yourself, and create dance photography that reminds you of everything you love about dance.


“I feel like I grow as a dancer.”
– Calista


In every image we explore, my goal for you is to strive for your best artistry and succeed spectacularly.

Contemporary Dancer layed out in rotating attitude
Contemporary Dance Photography at the Creative Dance Retreat
Contemporary Ballet Photography stylings in an Esmerelda Midnight Tutu from Tutu.Com. Sassy post and fierce look with a mane of red hair.
UNCSA HS Student in an Esmerelda Midnight Tutu from Tutu.Com. Sassy post and fierce look with a mane of red hair.
Young Classical Ballerina photo inspired by Degas' "Little Dancer Aged 14".
Young Classical Ballerina from Cary Ballet Academy inspired by Degas’ “Little Dancer Aged 14”.

No two retreats are ever the same. Our combined energies are unique for that day. When you return, we will have evolved, and we will see things in new ways.


“I have so much strength and confidence…”
– Michela