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Professional Organizations

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

PPA is one of the oldest professional organizations around, with a history of over 150 years and current membership exceeding 30,000 across 50 countries. PPA provides a forum for discussion and education across a variety of artistic, technical and business topics as well as advocacy for artists rights. PPA is also the host organization for IPC (International Print Competition) and bestows degrees in the areas of Photography, Photo Artistry and Wedding Photography. PPA also runs the certification program, which is designed to encourage photographers to better understand the underlying technical side of our art.


American Society of Photographers (ASP)

ASP is a subgroup within PPA reserved for those who have received their Masters from PPA. The mission is: “ASP is a society of professional photographic artists who aspire to maintain the highest level of  excellence by adhering to ethical standards, stimulating creativity and continually refining technical competence. The goal of the organization is to promote education, foster fellowship and perpetuate the ideals of photography as a science and an art.” To that end, ASP members support each other through addition educational opportunities throughout the year.


Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC)

Many states have affiliate organizations to PPA. North Carolina has one of the largest affiliates supporting hundreds of photographers in NC and neighboring states with mentorships, education, social opportunities and creative outlets. PPNC hosts East Coast School, a week-long photography education program held annually that brings in world-class educators to teach and inspire. Additionally, PPNC hosts Carolina Photo Expo, a 3-day program that includes talks by local and national educators, a trade show, photography shootouts, and social opportunities.


Pas de Deux Photo (PDD)

Pas de Deux Photo is a professional organization for dance photographers.  Our mission is to support dance photography by providing education and community to photographers, dance studios and companies, and dancers.


American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)

ASMP represents the more commercial side of photography. The mission statement is: “At ASMP we believe: Creators have the right to own their work, and we will fight for that right; We are stronger together; Images are a vital form of communication and visual literacy is invaluable to our entire culture; Successful creatives are successful entrepreneurs; and, The art and business of photography changes constantly, and we will evolve with it.”

ASMP is guided by these values. Our core mission is to advocate, educate, and provide community for image makers — fostering thriving careers, a strong sense of professional ethics, and an unshakable belief in the power of images.



Danscend’s mission is to bring mental wellness to the forefront of performing arts training by providing a space for education, application, and community to performers, educators, and professionals.


Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

As a business in Greensboro, I feel it is important to support the mission of the Chamber of Commerce through membership. The Chamber is an integral part of the economic development of Greensboro, and the arts can not survive without patrons.


Triad Local First

I’m a huge fan of local sourcing when possible. Triad Local First is an organization focused on small businesses here in the Piedmont area.

Triad Local First is a non-profit membership organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina, with over 360 members – retail shops, real estate agents, marketing firms, dentists, restaurants, farmers, breweries, and more. Triad Local First is all about supporting local businesses! Most people don’t realize that we can find almost every service and product we need right here in our community. Join our local community of businesses and community partners!  Together, we are stronger.  Together, we can support and grow our local economy.