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Artistic Dance Collaborative Price List

Andrew Bowen Studios

Price is important, but it is not the most important factor in choosing your dance photographer.

You are trusting your art and personal brand to your photographer. Make sure that your needs are their priority and that they have the skill to coach you to your best.

Audition Photoshoots start at 300
Artistic Dance Collaboratives start at 500
Weekend Artistic Dance Collaboratives start at 700

Please contact me to discuss the details of what goes into an audition photoshoot or artistic dance photoshoot. I will walk you through the package options to see what works for your needs and budget.

Dance Photography Focused on You

Every photoshoot includes:

An amazing studio filled with possibilities

A photographer who wants to see your vision come alive

A creative partner who will listen to you, coach you, and support you.

An amazing workout!

Mountains of cloth, tutus, skirts, and props.

An amazingly fun experience

Snacks and beverages

… and a dance cookie

Time = Creative Excellence

Creativity and artistry result from having time to improvise and experiment. The longer sessions allow us to apply a critical eye to the pose and make it express everything you feel. I promise, whether you are here for a couple of hours or the full day, our time together here will go by fast.

Make Dance Photography a Regular Event

Returning regularly to collaborate is a great way to mark your growth as a dancer. To help you make it happen, 20% of what your collaborative cost (not including prints and tax) will be applied against the price of your next collaborative (excluding Audition Photoshoots and Prints).

Share a Photoshoot

Since session prices are based on studio time and included photos, you are more than welcome to share a photoshoot with one more of your best dance friends. I require that one person be my client so that I don’t get caught in the middle of any cancellations or changes of plans. Sharing with friends can make your time more productive and more fun.

Your Digital Photos are Included.

Your photoshoot includes digital files that are suitable for making 8×10 prints and sharing on social media. Larger prints may be ordered from the studio.

Call or Fill Out the Form for a Call-Back to discuss Creative Dance Photography Packages

Please fill out the information below and you will get a callback within 24-48 hours
(usually much faster).