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The Official Photographer of Tutu.Com

Teen Ballerina in White Swan Tutu

We are proud to be the official photographer of Tutu.com! We partnered with Tutu.com in June, 2022 and it has been a fantastic relationship. First of all, we have complimentary access to a selection of rotating tutus and costumes for your use. Additionally, with advance notification and rental agreement, specific costumes can be shipped directly to our studios in preparation for your creative dance retreat.

Teen Ballerina in White Swan Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Gold Brocade Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Contemporary Art Deco Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Black and White Ribbon Tutu
Conservatory Ballerina in Blue Polka Dot Tutu
Professional Ballerina in Attitude wearing Lilac Fairy Tutu
Conservatory Ballerina in Blue Bird Tutu
Teen Ballerina in 4th lunge in Don Q Tutu

We became the official photographer for Tutu.Com in 2022, following the retirement of the legendary Gene Schiavone. It is an honor to photograph the costumes and the dancers who bring them to life.

With your permission, Tutu.com features select photos in marketing materials, on the Tutu.com website, or on their Instagram feed.

We are so pleased to work with Andrew Bowen! He has a special way of coaching dancers to bring out their inner best, so their grace, beauty, and lines jump off the page. And, his studio is top-notch, with the right lighting, props, and settings to create any look you can imagine.

Claudia Folts, Owner of Tutu.com

Additional Benefits

The dance world is small; you never know what small connection may pay a big dividend. Having your artistry seen on the Tutu.com website or shared on social media is good. Claudia Folts is well-respected in the industry.

From time to time, we do tutu photoshoots where Claudia Folts is at the studio. These are fun and valuable because of the fabulous images we will create and because you get a chance to work with Claudia Folts directly.