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Your Dance Photographer

Andrew Bowen Studios

The Creative Sanctuary for Movement Artists

Andrew Bowen Studios is an artistic retreat where movement artists can explore and share their stories. Through my lens, we chronicle your evolution as an artist and create images that are uniquely you.

Serving dancers across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond from my studio in Greensboro, NC.


As your creative partner, I am excited to explore the artistry that you bring to dance. Together, we’ll craft photos that tell the story of your passion, talent, and vision. My studio’s paradigm is simple: Create photography that supports and empowers dancers to express their personalities through art that is unique to them.

Why Photography?

I am proud of my 20+ year computer engineering career that resulted in over 20 patents and the creation of industry-changing products. However, following the loss of my son due to birth defects, I took a pause to consider my legacy. Photography has always been a love of mine, but I knew it could be more. Andrew Bowen Studios is the realization of a dream to create an environment and experience that can help a generation grow stronger and more confident in their futures as artists.

A Dance Photographer is a Specialist

Not every photographer has the right technical skills or mindset to work with dancers. As a girl-dad, I know how important it is to create an environment that empowers you to make decisions and respects your individual artistry. There will be challenging moments where I am coaching you to achieve your personal best, but there are also lots of laughs as we work together. At the end of the day, you’ll have exquisite photographs and that sense of pride only a dancer knows when they walk off stage from their best performance.

My Promise to You

I believe that I have a huge responsibility to every artist who comes to my studio. Working in front of a camera is a vulnerable process; every detail is there to be examined. I promise that I will support you, encourage you, guide you, coach you, laugh with you, and inspire you along your path to creating the photographs that make you proud of your accomplishments, and excited for your future.

Andrew Bowen, Master Photographer, CPP

My Credentials

At the end of the day, what matters is the experience and photography that I deliver. Like you, I’m committed to a process of continuous improvement and life-long learning.

In 2020, I earned my Master of Photography Degree (M.Photog) from Professional Photographers of America (PPA). I am a two-time bronze awardee in International Print Competition (IPC), and in 2022 I took first place in Teen Dance Photography in the Pas de Deux Photography competition, along with other accolades.


Community Involvement

The soul of a small business is a commitment to the community it serves. Through Andrew Bowen Studios, I am privileged to work with, know, and support many fine organizations :

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Palmetto City Ballet Logo
Palmetto City Ballet, Charleston, SC
Rockbridge Ballet Logo
Rockbridge Ballet & The Studio for Dance and the Arts


YES! Those are the days most dancers have a free day, so I’m here for you!

As a general rule, your photos will be finished in a week. We will pick a favorite image, and I’ll try to have that one ready for you the next day. My goal is always to finish your photos within one week.

Your digitals will be sent to you in via DropBox or in a ZIP file via WeTransfer.com. Additionally, they will be loaded into a mini-website that you can anchor to the home screen on your phone.

If you order prints, they are sent to the lab after the digitals are delivered. For standard prints, the lab turnaround time is 1-2 days plus another 2-3 days of shipping from Iowa. Albums have a 2-3 week turnaround time and are shipped from NY.


I have options for beautifully printed 8×10 prints, stunning wall art, and keepsake albums. Learn more here:

ABSOLUTELY! Friends can be excellent in helping you with wardrobe and hair, throwing some fabric, and being your cheerleader during your day! Friends can get some fun BTS shots while we are working as well.

Pro Tip: NEVER go to a photographer who won’t let you bring a friend.

Kinda. I don’t run an ambassador search or anything like that. If you’ve been here for a creative dance retreat, you are an ambassador. Hopefully, you’ll be telling friends that you had this amazing experience that they should want to do. That makes you an ambassador.

I ask for referral information when I get a new client, and I’m personally active on Instagram, so I know who has tagged me in their photos. When it comes time to have a product photoshoot for some dancewear, do some lighting experiments, try out new equipment, or just unwind a bit, I look to my active ambassadors for collaboration.

Many of my dancers come from Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem. Increasingly, dancers from across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are finding the Creative Dance Retreat experience to be worth the travel. We are looking forward to meeting dancers from all over who want the experience and quality we offer.

Greensboro is a wonderful city. We are so happy to have moved here in 2011. I’ve pulled together some recommendations and links to things to do while you make a weekend of your creative dance retreat.

The studio is located in a residential neighborhood on a 2+ acre lot. There are two buildings connected by a breezeway. The front house is my private residence, and the back building is the studio. The studio is now about 2000 sqft, half of that is the shooting space! The outdoor spaces are also beautiful and can afford settings for outdoor dance photography, or an opportunity to include senior photos with your dance session.