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by Kyra Birkner

December 2022

feeling happy yet want to cry

at home but i’m lost

sleeping every day yet more exhausted

busy with nothing to do

a passion with nowhere to show it

feeling everything and nothing at all

just sleep away the pain

empty days turn to months and soon passed a year

tired of being tired

looking through a screen is boring

my brain is full of blank dreams

should I do something or contribute somewhere?

wish I could dance

it’s hard to care with no motivation

i want to be doing something…anything

all i want to do is sleep

my body doesn’t hurt

i’m feeling healthier and weaker

growing older

how does one happen to learn so much and absolutely nothing

A new mind is gifted

with a different outlook on the world

Ideas overflowing out of my mouth

There’s too much to do

Too much i want to do

it’s been about 2 years

my life has been rewritten

feelings are different

the world is different

my body is different

everything is different

everything has a new meaning

stage has a new meaning

i’m my stage

where my two feet touch

wherever my eyes wander

breathing in inspiration

while movement flows through my veins

the stage was never interrupted

my mindset was holding me back

Kyra Birkner is a senior in high school at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in the contemporary dance department. Kyra started dancing when she was three years old, and at age seven, she joined Greensboro Dance Theater at the recreational level. At ten, she started dancing competitively, and she danced competitively for seven years. She studies and explores all types of dance and loves doing it. She has been awarded several scholarships, judges awards, and first overalls at numerous competitions. Dance has changed her life in a way that words cannot explain. She tries hard to do her best and is willing to try anything new. She is attending Oklahoma City University for commercial dance and continuing her exploration into dance.