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Portfolio & Audition Photos

Your Best. Exceptionally Photographed.

A lot is riding on your audition photos. I am your partner in creating images that showcase your best. Your audition images will highlight your best technique and also reflect your personality, joy, and love for dance.

Quality Coaching

Have you ever had the experience of not loving your audition arabesque but not knowing what to change?


That’s not going to happen here! I am your coach during this process. I help you make the adjustments and corrections necessary to get your best lines and form translated into an audition photo that commands attention.

All the feels

Whether contemporary dance or ballet, conveying the emotion and love of dance is key to a successful portfolio. We will get your technique spot-on along with all of the emotion you bring to your art.

Headshots that Wow

Your headshot is your first impression. Headshots are so much more than what you look like. They convey your personality, intention, and style as well. A great headshot commands attention in a very good way.

Every audition photoshoot includes an updated headshot. Your headshot should always be current and even if you have a recent one, creating different looks is never a bad idea. Having access to different looks enables you to tailor your application to the program.

Tips for Your Successful Audition Shoot!

  1. Compile a list of required images.

    Before your photoshoot, be sure to make a list of images required for submission to plan the best sequence for shooting them.

  2. Add your favorites.

    For dance audition photos, think about your favorite positions and jumps so that we can include those in your shot list as well. Many submissions leave a picture or two for your choice. Make sure we have a jump or two for your portfolio.

  3. Practice makes perfect.

    Take a little time in the studio the week before your audition shoot to go through your positions and get a little more mindful of your body.

  4. Relax.

    Above all else, take a deep breath and relax! We’re going to have fun (even getting a tendu), while getting photos that capture both your ability and your love of your art.