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2024 International Photographic Competition

Gold Images — IPC 2024

The 2024 International Photographic Competition, hosted by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), was held in January of 2024 with a new format. Each photographer could enter images in 16 different categories, but only one would be selected for a head-to-head comparison live competition. I referred to it as the Photography Hunger Games.

I entered images in natural portraits (meaning no fancy Photoshop work) and group portraits. My images made it to the gold round in each category. Of two dance images in natural portrait, ours was the only one to make it past the first round. In the group category, we were the only dance image that was selected for the competition. Given the nature of the system, I’m very proud that our images moved the judges.

The overall winning image, also in the natural portrait category, is of a local photographer’s mother on the Rosa Parks bus. It is simply stunning and hugely emotional. You can’t be at all sad to come in behind that kind of story-telling.

Our IPC Story

The 2024 International Photographic Competition (IPC) represented a new format that moved away from its educational roots and was more fun to watch. The educational path was shunted off to a new program with just direct feedback and without the friendly competition aspect. I’ll admit it was fun to watch, even if just for pure entertainment. I’m very torn as to whether to bother with it again since I don’t feel any part of the process made me a better photographer.

I have two gold images this year, which means I was in the top 8 in each category. It’s not a bad day.

2024 IPC Results

Why Bother with IPC?

Good question. I’ve been pretty ambivalent in everything I’ve said. If the new IPC format takes off, there will be increased competition and that can make for an interesting process, even if you don’t get feedback. So, maybe I’ll be back in 2025, reporting on the next IPC.

Art on Display

And no, your eyes do not deceive you. The image, “Taking the High Road,” has also been part of a couple of juried shows and sold at the 2023 NC Artist Exposition.

About Fine Art Photography

The goal of Andrew Bowen Studios is to help artists to thrive. When a Fine Art Photo sells, 20% of the net proceeds go to the dancer to support their career.