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Printing Your Photos

Making the Memories Last

Your digital images are scaled to be printed up to 8×10. If you are looking to create larger images or would like high-quality prints on gorgeous paper, we have options.

Making the Memories Part of Your Home

Digital files are enjoyed for a while and then join the noise of your ‘digital shoebox’ of meals, feet on the beach, and other fun moments of life. Give the memories of the day a place in your home. I say this is an optional part of a photoshoot, but I encourage you to make prints of your photos so you have them for a long time.

All prices below are in addition to the photoshoot cost.

Large and Standard Satin Metal prints framed over a couch.

Desktop Art

All prints are created at a professional lab for quality and longevity. Metal prints come in three sheens to suit your style and enhance the impact of your photo; they are resilient and can be cleaned easily. The 8×10 prints are printed on beautiful archival silk paper, adding beauty to your artwork.

8×10 Silk Print


3-print minimum

Matted 8×10 Print


8×10 matted to 11×14
3-print minimum

Metal Print up to 8×10


Metal prints with an easel back or frame to adorn your shelf or desk in a modern yet elegant way.

Metal Print up to 11×14


Metal prints with an easel back or frame to adorn your shelf or desk in a modern yet elegant way.

8×10 prints in a presentation box

Wall Art

Transform one or more of your digital images into a true piece of art that you will enjoy every time you walk by! Beautiful metal prints and exquisite canvases are ready to hang. I offer a wide selection of frames for canvases and metals or a frameless float-mount for metal prints. Metals are available in three sheens to suit your taste.

Large (30×40)


Standard (24×30)


Mini (16×20)


Painted Portraits


Only available on Standard and Large prints.

Custom painted portrait on canvas in upgraded frame

Storing your photos

Principal Memory Box in the foreground, with Company (black), Soloist (Brown), and Principal Albums.

Memory Boxes

A memory box allows you to add photos over time. For dancers, this is a very popular choice. Choose from one of three beautiful options. The base price is for the box, and each photo must be purchased for printing and matting.

The Principal

750 + photos

An elegant 11×14 box that holds 30 matted 8×10 prints. The cover has a window that allows an image to be displayed.
Available in walnut, black, or white.

The Soloist

450 + photos

A gorgeous 11×14 box that holds 30 matted 8×10 prints. Your choice of Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.

8×10 Matted Photos


8×10 prints on silk paper matted to 11×14

Company and Solist boxes look the same except for the size. Cherry Company box is shown here.


Albums are beautiful ways to save your artwork and revisit the photos anytime. You can combine photos from multiple shoots together into one custom album. Albums are popular for senior year photoshoots or compiling the photos from an era into one volume. The base price is for a 10-image ablum.

The Principal

starting at $1


An exceptional 10×13 album with custom leather, metal, or acrylic cover and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. This album includes 10 images, with additional images available for $25 each.

The Soloist

starting at $


A gorgeous 8×10 leather album with custom imprinting on the cover includes 10 images. Additional images are $15 each.

The Company

starting at $


A lovely 8×10 basic-black synthetic leather album with your dancer’s name and date debossed on the cover. The album includes 10 images. Additional images may be added for $15 each.

Interior page of Principal Album
Print pricing was accurate on January 1, 2021.
The official price sheet is available at the studio.