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Teen Ballet Photo Shoot

Back in 2019, I welcomed Annabeth, Ashlynn, and Sarah Mackenzie from the School at Greensboro Ballet for a photo shoot. We did a mix of creative dance photography for their portfolios, for Greensboro Ballet, and more than anything, to have some fun.  We were both in a bit of new territory. They were some of my first dancers, and it was their first photo shoot. They didn’t really believe me when I told them how fast the time would go.  Some things never change.

I had the privilege of continuing to work with two of them during their high school years and creating more memories and artwork as they finished high school. Sometimes, looking back helps one to appreciate where you are.

Some things have changed at my studio over the past couple of years. The studio is larger and we have more clothing and props. We have wonderful relationships with Tutu.com, who loans us a variety of tutus for use during the year, and Oodelooo Ballet Wear, who has created many of our favorite skirts. My skills have evolved significantly as well in terms of lighting for dancers, coaching, and a better general overall understanding of dance. Additionally, I earned my Master of Photography from Professional Photographers of America.  What was a photoshoot has become a creative retreat for dancers.

We also have a relationship with Kool Cakes Bakery in Rockingham for our Dance Cookies that we give out at the end of sessions. Yum!

Other things have not changed. Just as it was with these three ballet dancers, my dancers still work hard to get the shot they want. The goals of each dancer are still my top priority. One size will never fit all, and my goal is to have a positive impact on each dancer who comes here and create outstanding photography along the way.

The original photoshoot…

A year or two later…

Ballerina pulling against fabric in wide fourth looking back
Ballerina doing a flick passe in black leo on dark background
Ballerina in big attitude on pointe with flowing fabric.
Ballerina all in white on white background in pensive fifth
Ballerina in Passe on pointe. Orange and yellow background.
Dance in floor position on pointe. One knee brought towards the face in a bridge position
ballerina in fifth looking into mirror with blue and red reflections in background

Moving into the future…

I can’t say what will come next, but even as I look at images here that are only a year old, I can see changes in how I went about creating them. Not good or bad, just different, which is a hallmark of any artist’s journey. A photoshoot, whether ballet or contemporary, is a partnership of artists, and I’m grateful for the artists who have challenged me and shared their vision with me over these past years. I’ll fondly remember this photoshoot as one of my first creative sessions.