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The Artistic Dance Process

Andrew Bowen Studios

We have developed a process that results in our dancers having an amazing experience that produces exceptional photographs, personal growth, and a fun time. Read on below about how the process results in an incredible experience.

Come for a Visit

The first step in the process is to meet each other. Meeting your dance photographer and touring the photography studio reduces stress and increases the creativity and excitement leading up to your photoshoot.  During your visit, you can tell me more about your artistry and dance style, begin to explore what you want to create, share any ideas you might have, and ask plenty of questions. 

If you’ve already collected inspiration images, you can share them and show me where you find inspiration. I’ll share my dance inspiration gallery with you as well to help get your imagination going.

A video chat is an option, if necessary.

Prep. Stretch. Warm Up.

Make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep the night before your creative dance photoshoot. You are going to get a workout!

Your safety is paramount. Thirty to sixty minutes are allocated for stretching and warm-up with every dance photoshoot. We even have a barre available!

This time is important not just for stretching muscles. It is important that you have some time to get into the right mindset, and relax and get used to the space. While you are stretching, we will look at any inspiration images you’ve sent and decide where we will start. We always start with something fully grounded and stretchy to make sure you are moving well before any big movements.

Get Creative

Both contemporary dance and classical ballet benefit from an improvisational flow to creativity. An inspiration image is merely a jumping-off point for making something unique to your artistry.

During your creative photoshoot, remember that we are peers and collaborators. If you don’t love the look, speak up, even if it is about how I’m lighting the image. An image where you love your form but don’t love the photography isn’t a success.

If you feel you want to try a variation because you don’t love something about a leg or arm line, say the word, and we will find a solution together. I want you to exercise your voice as an artist fully! 

Make Memories

Your digital files are usually ready within two weeks, and often much sooner! The files are emailed to you and uploaded into an app that can be saved on your phone’s home screen and shared with friends and family. 

I believe in the power of prints. I highly recommend adding printed copies of your accomplishment so you have them in an album or scrapbook to look back on. Additionally, a favorite photo, or set of favorites, may be printed on metal or canvas for a wall display that will make the artwork we’ve created part of your home. Lastly, I offer locally crafted storage boxes with matted images, as well as gorgeous albums. 

My goals for you at every photoshoot:

Learn more about yourself as an artist

Feel a genuine sense of accomplishment

Get a great workout

Have images that you are proud of

Have a blast!