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Julian | YAGP 2021 Photo Shoot

Julian | UNCSA Dance | Creative Photo Shoot

Flying high off his 3rd Place finish at the YAGP Winston-Salem Regionals last month, Julian came to the studio to create some fun images and polish his audition arabesque. Julian dances with UNCSA Dance in Winston-Salem, so the hop to Greensboro for his Artistic Dance Collaborative was easy. He is equally comfortable with classical and contemporary dance styles, which always makes for a fun session. 

My two favorite images from the session are the massive stretch he accomplished and the tilt with the fabric. Both required quite a few iterations, tweaking a starting position or just planning the movement a little more carefully to get the desired goal. It is a great day when you have someone so driven, but they are so much fun to be around.

I’m looking forward to more creative times in the studio and updating your audition portfolio over the years to come.

This image was a delight to work on. We started with an inspiration image and started to tweak the form based on Julian’s body. We then tried a few variations that led to a set of arm lines that were not part of the initial inspiration. The lighting evolved as the form came into being, and we all ended up simply thrilled with the final result.