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Chloe | UNCSA ’24 | Contemporary Ballet Photo Shoot

Chloe | UNCSA ’24 | Contemporary Ballet Photo Shoot | Greensboro & Winston-Salem NC

Chloe is starting her career at UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. Equally adept with classical and contemporary ballet, we spent more time on some contemporary looks this time around.

Insanely mature and dedicated, Chloe worked for her shots and took direction incredibly well to make adjustments to get her best reflected in the photography. She is the kind of dancer who excels at the Artistic Dance Collaborative because her creativity works best in the thick of it. As we are working a shot, she gets ideas, and we provide an environment where we love making the adjustments and ending up someplace she loves even more. I had a blast while collaborating, and her challenge to me was getting something that reminded her of the milk flowing into her latte. I think we ended up in a pretty latte-esque place. See if you agree!

Oh, and when asked if she wanted some color in the background, she wanted all of the colors! Made that happen, too! The vibrant colors and fun shapes made the finale for our contemporary ballet photo shoot fantastic! Dad even got to aim a leaf blower at her for one photo!

You will recognize her from some of the BTS shots on the site, and a big thanks to her mom and dad for creating those while we were shooting and providing some assistance in moving air around and helping build and floof the latte.

I’m looking forward to seeing Chloe many more times as she progresses in her artistry.