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The Schwarz Family | Family Memories and College Graduation

I’ve known the Schwarz family for most of the time we’ve lived in Greensboro. When their eldest graduated college in December and needed a headshot, his dad realized he needed one as well. Come to think of it; it’s been a long while since the family had photos taken. Their second would like some pictures with his guitar, and their youngest loves being in front of the camera! So we took a lovely afternoon and spent lots of time with each of their children, moving around the space, so they each had something uniquely theirs, and we did a bunch of the three of them, and the whole family, and just mom and dad. We made a whole box full of beautifully matted prints for them to enjoy (and digital copies to post).

We had planned part of their day to be inside and we got a bit moody…

And then played with the box!

And we didn’t forget the headshots that started all of this!