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About Andrew Bowen, M.Photog., CPP

Andrew Bowen Studios

From engineering to dance photography

I began my career in the all-consuming tech environment designing graphics processors which I enjoyed for many years. When our family suffered the loss of our second child from complications stemming from birth defects, I re-evaluated what I wanted my life’s legacy to be. Industry changes had dampened my zeal for corporate missions, and I wanted to have time for my family while enriching the lives of others. This turning point was the beginning of Andrew Bowen Photography.

Andrew Bowen, lead collaborator and creative of Andrew Bowen Studios

Initially, my photography focused on families, seniors, and sports, but photographing my first senior dancer was transformative. The interplay of the dancer’s precision and artistry with that of my photography was my aha-moment. My creative mission became crystal clear.

Andrew Bowen meeting with potential clients (a dancer and her mother) to discuss their goals and preview what their session might be like.
The fun starts early at our consultation

Since that time, I have studied with world-class dance photographers, taken dance classes (videos NOT available, thankfully), and earned my Master of Photography from PPA. Gaining a greater appreciation of kinesiology, terminology, and cueing has, in turn, made me a better coach and photographer for my dancers. My experience with sports, portrait, and product photography gave me better tools to sculpt the light to accentuate the dancers’ form and tell their story.

Collaborating with dancers has enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have contemplated.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, bounced around the country, and finally landed for good in Greensboro. I enjoy this city, the friendly vibe, and the distinct character of the towns. Above all, I cherish our festivals and the incredible arts and dance community.  It was the perfect place to have raised our teen daughter, who turned 22 in 2021. I have met some fantastic people here and look forward to meeting more in the coming decades.

Series of photos of Andrew Bowen and his daughter goofing around for the camera.
My daughter and I goofing for the camera

What do those letters mean after your name?

Master of Photography medallion earned by Andrew Bowen from Professional Photographers of America.
Master of Photography

M.Photog is short for Master of Photography an educational and creative degree from Professional Photographers of America (PPA). CPP stands for Certified Professional Photographer which is a technical certification from PPA.  Click below to read a little more about what they really mean and the journey to achieving these goals.

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Photographers logo. Stylized ASP and organization name.

As they say, no man is an island, and certainly my journey as an entrepreneur and artist was not a solo effort. I’m grateful to learn from and help educate fellow businesses and artists through a series of professional organizations.