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Artistic Dance CollaborativeTM

The Studios at
Andrew Bowen Photography

When two artists collaborate, magic happens

The Artistic Dance CollaborativeTM is an environment where your creative expression and artistic standards are fully supported. Welcome to a world where your voice and your goals are the number one priority! My success comes from partnering with you to realize your vision, cultivate new ideas or approaches, coach your form, and illuminate your best artistry through photography.

No two collaborations are ever the same. The combination of our creative energies is unique to us on this day. So, come with your ideas, wardrobe, props, and sense of adventure; together, we will create the unexpected. Dream, and I’ll do my best to make it a reality. Let your imagination soar!

Relax and be creative

The Artistic Dance Collaborative is designed to have ample time to try out an idea, try some variations, and end up with something uniquely you. I want you to feel free to experiment a bit; not every idea will be gold, but there is value and joy in exploring new concepts and seeing what we discover.

If you don’t love something, even the lighting, speak up, and we will develop a different approach. You have full veto power, and only the images you approve will be released.

Above all, Artistic Dance Collaborative is a celebration of YOU as an artist. The many hours, sore muscles, and emotional highs and lows have combined to make you the dancer you are today. It is time to turn all of that experience into stunning photographs you’ll cherish forever.

“In this time, and in this place, I want you to be unforgivably yourself: full of flaws, beauty, chaos, and imperfection. For these are the things that make you real…”
— Dane Thomas

Dance photography uniquely you.